Eat, Smile, & Speak Naturally and Normally Once Again

Your teeth should do more than just give you a nice smile.

Our teeth provide some of the most important functions for our bodies. They allow us to bite and chew our food. When our teeth are healthy and strong, we can break our food down better so it can be digested more easily as well.

Maybe your teeth aren’t quite as healthy as they once were. Maybe you don’t have as many teeth as you once did. You still deserve to have a healthy mouth with teeth replacements that restore the function of teeth.

Full-mouth reconstruction is something we do often at the office of Mark W. Wilhelm, DMD, MSD, in Woodbury, MN. Keep reading to learn some of the ways we can rebuild more than just your smile.

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Creating a Stable Foundation

To restore the function of your missing or damaged teeth, you need a solid and secure foundation to support your replacement teeth. That’s what dental implants are.

Modern implants are designed to mimic the shape of the roots of your teeth. Like your roots, the implants provide support for the top half of your replacement teeth, whether that is a crown, a bridge, or dentures.

Implants are placed directly in your jaw, where your roots once were. This helps in two important ways.

First, implants anchor your replacement teeth in place so they don’t slide around when you smile, speak, or eat. Second, when you bite and chew, your implants press into your jaw. That pressure encourages new tissue growth, which can keep your jaw healthy and strong for many years to come.

Feel Like You’ve Got Natural Teeth Again

Whether you need to replace one tooth or all your teeth, implants are invaluable for your quality of life.

For comparison, consider traditional dentures. These rest over your gums, which means they can (and do) slip and slide. You can use denture adhesives to help them stay in place temporarily. Over time, adhesives become less effective. Many patients also have shared a common complaint about how their adhesive changes the flavor of their food.

Learning to eat with dentures takes a little time. Part of what you learn is what you can’t eat. This can make you hesitant to accept dinner invitations or to pick up a plate at the next potluck you attend.

With implants, you won’t have any of those worries. Your implants will need your new teeth firmly in place. You can speak and eat naturally and normally.

In fact, research has shown that people with implant-supported dentures can restore 90 percent or more of their biting power. Compare that to the 20 to 25 percent traditional dentures wearers can get.

Invest in Yourself

Yes, your teeth replacements should give you a natural looking smile. At the same time, you should be able to trust that those replacements will stay where they should and allow you to eat the foods that you love.

You can have all of those things with implants as part of your full-mouth reconstruction at our Woodbury, MN office. To set up an appointment with Dr. Wilhelm, start by filling out our online form or calling 651-319-9064.

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