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Being nervous about your dental procedure is normal. There is a saying that “the first step in fixing a problem is acknowledging there is a problem.” This is where you need to start. Figure out what it is that you are afraid of. Are you afraid having your tooth removed before getting your restoration? Are you worried about pain during your treatment? Are you dealing with general fear because of a painful past experience? Maybe you are worried about getting dental implants and would like to find an alternative. Whatever it may be, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Mark W. Wilhelm, DMD, MSD knows that dental fear is a real problem for some of our patients, and we will do all we can to help you get past your dental anxiety and get the care you need.

Dr. Wilhelm Can Help

Talking about what is causing you fear is one of the best ways to begin getting past it. You can speak to a friend, parent, or sibling about it, but make sure that whoever you choose has a healthy outlook on dental care. The best person to talk to, however, is Dr. Wilhelm. He will listen to you and be able to offer feedback and insight into why you had the experience that you did. He will also be able to explain the procedure that may be causing your fear, so that you can understand what will happen and how he will take care of you during your treatment. You may find out that what you are scared of is not even in practice anymore, or that the procedure has changed to make it less painful or not painful at all.

Sedation Options

Some people may want a little extra help getting past their dental fear. At Mark W. Wilhelm, DMD, MSD, we offer two levels of dental sedation to make sure we are able to accommodate every level of dental fear our patients may experience. We offer oral sedation for patients who are too anxious to undergo a procedure with only local anesthetic. This option issues pills that put you in a sleep state which allows you to experience just about any procedure possible. Oral sedation reduces or eliminates gagging, claustrophobia, heightened sensation to noise, and pain while you sleep through your appointment. When completed, you are awakened and won’t remember much, if anything. Monitors are used throughout to ensure safety. For those people who want to guarantee no awareness of the procedure at all, we offer IV conscious sedation. Whatever level of help you need, you can get it at Mark W. Wilhelm, DMD, MSD.

Alternatives to Dental Implants

Dentures may be the way for you to go if you are looking for a tooth replacement option that doesn’t involve invasive surgery. Find out how denture solutions from Dr. Wilhelm can give you a new smile. We even have less invasive methods that combine implants and dentures, so you can get the best of both worlds.

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Video: Dr. Mark W. Wilhelm DMD, MSD talks about Patients Who Are Scared of the Procedure

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