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Does your smile suffer from a chipped or cracked tooth? Does one of your teeth not look right due to its shape, or do you have a gap you would like to close but don’t want braces? Dr. Wilhelm can help correct these minor cosmetic flaws and give you back a smile you can show off to the world through the use of veneers.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are placed on the front side of your teeth. They can cover minor cosmetic flaws, correct the shape of teeth, and close gaps. They act much in the same was as a fingernail does. Dr. Wilhelm will take a look at your situation to determine if veneers are the correct treatment for you.

If you are a good candidate, Dr. Wilhelm will begin by preparing your tooth for the veneer. During the prep process, Dr. Wilhelm will remove a small amount of enamel from the tooth (or teeth) that are being treated. This happens for two reasons. First, this will make room in your smile for the veneer to fit seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. Without this enamel removal, your veneer will stick out more than your other teeth. The second reason is to prepare the surface of your tooth to bond well with your new veneer. Once the prep work is done, Dr. Wilhelm will take a dental impression. This impression will be used to custom make your new dental veneer. The veneer will be matched to the color of your other teeth.

Although your veneer will match the color of your teeth, it will not get any whiter than that. Teeth whitening cannot lighten restorations like veneers, which is why we recommend getting your teeth whitened before you have your veneer or veneers placed. Otherwise, you lock your smile into a shade that you may not be happy with down the road.

Cosmetic Problems and Solutions

Now that you know what a veneer is, let’s talk about what a veneer can do for you and your smile. There are several cosmetic and even structural problems that veneers are an effective treatment for.

  • Chips – A chipped tooth may not affect the function of your smile, but it will rob it of its luster and natural beauty. While tooth bonding is a faster fix, it is not always the most durable. Veneers are able to correct the chip, restore the look of your smile, prevent further breaking, and last for years to come due to their strength.
  • Cracks – The severity of the crack will determine whether you can use a veneer or need a crown. Severe cracks will need the protection of dental crowns. Mild to moderate cracks can be treated with a dental veneer. Dr. Wilhelm will bond the veneer to the front of the tooth and conceal the flaw. This will also stabilize the tooth and prevent the simple crack from progressing to a larger, more dangerous break.
  • Oddly Shaped Teeth – Dr. Wilhelm can mold veneers into any shape you want to disguise misshapen teeth. This makes them the ideal treatment for teeth that don’t fit in with their neighbors. Dr. Wilhelm will cover the tooth and give you a smile you can be proud of.
  • Gaps – Why shift the position of all of your teeth just to close a small gap? Orthodontic treatments will rearrange your entire smile, while a veneer will simply close the gap and leave the rest of your smile right where it should be.

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