What is a Prosthodontist?

You may be aware that Dr. Wilhelm is actually more than a general dentist; he is a prosthodontist. But what does that actually mean, and how does that compare to other nearby Woodbury, MN dentist offices?

Let us give you some answers to these questions, and then give Dr. Wilhelm a call at 651-319-9064 to set up your appointment.

Is a Prosthodontist Better Than a Dentist?

A prosthodontist brings an entirely new set of skills to the table. A doctor, like Dr. Wilhelm, will first complete dental school and become a general dentist. Then, this doctor will complete an additional three years of training and practice before becoming a prosthodontist.

Seeing a general dentist when you need a prosthodontist is similar to seeing a general doctor when you need a specialist. One isn’t “better” than the other, but the prosthodontist will be able to treat your smile through deep, intricate cosmetic and reconstructive procedures while a general dentist will not.

What Can a Prosthodontist Do?

A prosthodontist is trained to view your mouth as a whole and to fully understand all of the underlying parts and functions. This doctor not only understands teeth but also the gums, muscles, bones, joints, and more that make up a functional mouth. A deep understanding of the mouth allows a prosthodontist to repair extensive damage and return your mouth to normal function.

A prosthodontist is using dental implant technology, advanced cosmetic procedures, and oral surgery to repair smiles that general dentists are unable to help. This doctor will pick up where a general dentist’s skills stop.

Is a Prosthodontist Right for Me?

A general dentist is great for your routine care, cleanings, and minor repairs. However, if you are tired of watching your teeth fall out one by one, if you are unable to chew your food comfortably, or if you are afraid that your health is suffering due to the state of your teeth, it is time to call a prosthodontist.

Dr. Wilhelm will be there to transform your teeth and change your life. There is no case that is “too difficult” for Dr. Wilhelm. He specializes in the cases that are “too far gone.”

Give us a call today at 651-319-9064 to set up a consultation with Dr. Wilhelm and see firsthand how a prosthodontist can change your life.